Family Dog provides both training and sitting.

Dog Training

Individualized dog training is done in the dog's home with the family present to promote consistent commands, actions, and tone of voice and to insure everyone is on the same page. Basic obedience commands, breed behavior traits, and proper exercise methods and routines are taught emphasizing positive reinforcement and to facilitate the dog learning its proper place in the family. Multiple dogs in the same family are the same per hour fee as one dog.

Lessons are individualized based on age, family, behavior but last from one to five lessons spread out over several weeks of a training schedule (provided) to allow the family to practice with patience. Lessons usually do not go beyond three lessons and one lesson may well be enough.

Besides basic obedience and exercise commands, lessons can involve

Barking and Jumping

Manner and Good Housekeeping

Separation Anxiety

Dealing with Aggressive Dogs

Calming Aggressive Behavior

Interrupting Undesirable Behavior

Appropriate Children's Behavior and Body Movements

Potty Training is provided through free information (written) obtained by contacting family Dog.

Bringing New Baby Home & Dog training is provided through free information (written) obtained by contacting Family Dog, although dog behavior evaluation may be desirable.

Teething training is provided through free information (written) obtained by contacting family Dog

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is done in the pet's home where it is the most comfortable and secure. Pet sitting can involve any pet not just dogs. 1-3 daily visits (per family instructions) are performed on a per visit fee. Dog visits would involve potty opportunity, feeding, play, exercise, medications, etc. It is not just in and out. This would normally be done between approximately 8 AM to 10 PM, but it is tailored to the particular family pet needs.

References are available. For online reviews, independent dog traits and reviews and pictures, please check our References and Links page.

Family Dog has been in business in Springfield, Illinois since 2005.

Family Dog is a registered Service Mark in Illinois.